(Constituted as per the directives of DTE)


1) Programmes and activities aimed at improving academic standards and achieving academic excellence

2) Evolving interdepartmental and inter- disciplinary educational programmes

3) To provide quality extracurricular activities of an educational social, cultural and recreational nature to the campus community.

4) To assist in the personal development of students, through both formal training sessions and daily interaction, in the areas of leadership, moral and value clarification, social responsibility, self realization and interpersonal cooperation.


  1. Renjith R, Lecturer                                 Union Adviser
  2. Manikandan K, Trade Instructor              Arts Adviser
  3. Shalu.M  Tradesman in Tool and Die      Sports Adviser
  4. Robin Luies Workshop instructor             Staff Club Secretary
  5. Geetha K B, Lecturer                               Magazine Staff  Editor

Students union member (2018-19)

  1. Arun.K.S                        Chairman
  2. Sandrarag C.M              Vice Chairman
  3. Vishnu K.C                     Gen. Secretary
  4. Rufaidha Jasmin C         Vice Chairman(Lady)
  5. Roshin N.S                      PUC
  6. Sheljin  Joseph                Magazine Editor
  7. SankarDas.K.R                Arts club secretary
  8. Adharsh.P.S                     Gen Captian
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