1) To review and make recommendations to the principal about academic programs and strategic priorities.

2) To check the day-to-day academic affairs.

3) To ensure that the institution’s academic programs are appropriate for students

4) To ensure that the academic quality issues remain a top priority of the institution.

5) To recommend the principal regarding required facilities for academics such as books, journals etc.

6) To look after the infrastructure which affects academics.

7) To take care of the discipline and course and conduct in the campus.

8) To maintain the decorum of day to day activity.

9)  To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes,


  1. Seema K N, Principal                   Chairman
  2. Alex Sobhana Rajkumar, HOD  Member
  3. Seena I T, HOD                             Member
  4. Sayuj T, HOD in-charge              Member
  5. Pradeepan V P, W/S. Supdt.      Member
  6. Sathianayagom S, Sr. Supdt.      Member
  7. PTA Vice President                      Member
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