(Constituted as per guidelines of NSS Technical Cell)


                        The NSS Programme is based on the principles of participative action, self-reliant and self-disciplined way of life. The Institution Advisory committee provides machinery for associating more people with the NSS programme sharing their experiences and wisdom. It aims at institutionalization of the NSS of the programme at various levels. The experiences and suggestions of these persons in the field of education, administration, social work, youth movements and in technical fields have been enriching the NSS programme in the processes of planning, supervision and evaluation. The Committee will be set up to advice the Programme Co-ordinator at institution level on programme planning and development of NSS programme. It will review the NSS activities in the institutions covered under Technical Cell in the State and ensure the allocation of NSS students’ strength and release of grants to the institution.

 NSS Program Officer:

Smt. Priyadatta  K R,Demonstrator

Asst. Program officers

 Sri. Anshad,Trade Instructor

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